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Stabilization Solutions

We offer multiple services and stabilization solutions including creating a solid working platform, drying fill soils to expedite site work, designing with chemical stabilization, asphalt recycling and rehabilitation, and even specialty applications.

Creating A Solid Working Platform

Lime or Cement Modification for Subgrades

Facing an unexpected expense for an unstable subgrade?  Lime and Cement Modification can cut that expense by 50% and save you days, weeks or months on your schedule.  Mt. Carmel can eliminate the need to remove and replace the unsuitable soil by treating the existing poor soil in place to create a solid working platform that meets project stability requirements.

Drying Fill Soils to Expedite Site Work

Lime Drying Fill Soils

Lime Drying fill soil takes the schedule and weather concerns away from your project. No matter how saturated the material is, fill operations can continue as we treat the soils to achieve Optimum Moisture for compaction.

Designing With Chemical Stabilization

Lime & Cement Stabilization Can Be Used Structurally

True Chemical Stabilization using lime or cement products will typically result in a reduction in thickness of other more expensive structural layers such as aggregate, asphalt or concrete. In-depth engineering work and mix designs are done by our qualified testing laboratories and will determine the appropriate chemical and application rate to achieve maximum long term performance of the pavement system.

Asphalt Recycling and Rehabilitation

Full Depth Reclamation (FDR)

FDR with cement and other products offers owners and agencies the most cost effective and environmentally conscious method to repair, rehabilitate and upgrade failing asphalt pavements. FDR is how our company started over 60 years ago. Today we do over 100 miles of FDR on roads across the U.S. every year.

Specialty Application

Mt. Carmel Stabilization has designed and built patented specialty equipment that enables us to operate in unique project conditions. Lagoons, deep excavations and environmental remediation projects are just a few examples of project types that we can help you save on cost and schedule.