Environmental Benefits

Soil Stabilization Applications Conserve Raw Materials and Use Recycled Products to Help Your Project Achieve Environmental Goals

On most projects, soil stabilization applications are used in lieu of removal and replacement of existing materials. These existing materials can be in-situ soils, aggregate and/or asphalt pavement, that can be chemically engineered to behave as high performance construction materials. Quite often, the use of soil stabilization applications including: Chemical Modification, Drying, Stabilization and Full Depth Reclamation; will use ALL of the existing materials and completely erase the need for removal of any of these materials from your project site. The processes themselves result in a very small amount of material being imported to the site and the overall impact to your project can be reduced by more than 95%.

At Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group, we are capable of evaluating your project and recommending the appropriate process that will best conserve your existing materials and ultimately save time and money. If you are working on a LEED® Project, the materials that we use can count towards value and credits for your recycled products and regional materials. Contact Us  today to learn more about the Environmental Benefits of Soil Stabilization.