Mt. Carmel Sand and Gravel was founded in 1918 along the Wabash River near Mt. Carmel, IL. In 1949 we began doing soil stabilization on small county roads in Southern Illinois using soil cement. In the early 1970’s we began using lime products and exploring the benefits of the chemistry of lime for soil drying, modification and stabilization. Lime and Cement Stabilization soon became our company’s mainstay operations.

Today, at Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group we operate up to 16 full-time crews throughout the country and maintain several strategically located storage facilities with over 150,000 tons of material capacity. This capacity is vital to our flexibility and customer service as we ship an average of over 2,000 tons a day of material to our various crews throughout the country. We are headquartered in Mt. Carmel, IL with offices in Pittsburgh, PA and Windsor, Ontario. We are proud of the work that we’ve done and the reputation for quality and service we continue to build.


Experience is the foundation of our company and it is what sets us apart in the industry. For instance, our average Field Superintendent has over 20 years of experience. Our average crew has over 85 combined years of stabilization experience. We are fortunate to maintain some of the most dedicated people in the industry. These people have helped us grow into the leading stabilization provider in North America today.  In over 60 years of work, we have provided effective and economical solutions for every type of project under every condition.


We own and operate the largest fleet of specialized stabilization equipment in North America with more than 200 pieces and much of it custom built. Our fleet of over 20 Reclaimers and 50 Spreaders is unmatched in the industry. Our fleet of equipment haulers also ensures that we have the capacity to mobilize large distances on short notice.


Our business is guided by four main principles:

Quality We guarantee our work because our experience allows us to.
Production Our typical daily production is unmatched by any competitor. On big jobs we will tailor our production to meet the project demands and we will never limit our customers.
Flexibility Getting to the job quickly and getting the job done right is what keeps our customers satisfied. To serve our customers in locations across the country, we mobilize our crews on and off different projects more than twenty times a week.
Customer Service When you call Mt. Carmel, you will speak to one of five project managers who will be your point of contact from project start to finish.